The Language of Life

Five Rings Training’s launches its innovative new Training Series with award-winning screenwriter Patrick Wilde; The Language of Life.   At a time when so many people are finding life significantly challenging we’ve honed in on the most primary opportunity for change in Human Behaviours: Linguistic Discipline, and have built an empowering new coaching and training series explaining how to build linguistic discipline and use your control of language to bring about radical change in both your inner and outer worlds.  Check out the modalities for Leadership, Corporate and Organisational Culture, Relationships and Personal Wellbeing on the Five Rings’ site: As a Human Behaviour, Language is one of our most powerful Creative Faculties. Yet, without careful awareness, mind-set training and linguistic discipline, our Language can play the part of Destroyer instead of Builder in our lives and in the lives of those we lead, and of those we love.  


by Kirsty Henderson | Five Rings Training:     One topic which has fascinated me for years is  why  as a martial artist do I experience time differently  and why does time slow down so much during fighting?   Are you a martial artist who has experienced that sudden slowing down of time right in the middle of a high-speed interaction, with time becoming slow enough for you to assess your options?   If so, you are not alone.      Time bends to the number of faculties being used Humans experience time differently during experiences in which more faculties are being used. In short, if we increase our faculty use we increase our time.    In martial arts training terms this means the more you push to expand your training capacity, the more of your faculties are available to you, and hence the more opportunity you have for slowing down your perception of time.     Time Theories There are many theories why humans experience time differently from Proportionate theory to Metabolic theo

Strong Work Ethic vs Personal Growth

Over the next few months we're running a series of Q&As and posting the answers here so everyone can benefit. Some of the topics are subject specific, others will be of interest to all. QUESTION 01: How can I triangulate and balance these 3 things: The desire to push myself to grow vs feeling guilty for resting vs becoming totally exhausted? ANSWER: When we train hard we work our system at every level and in particular our muscles. The next day we feel the work done by way of stiffness or soreness and have to take the time to stretch, nourish and replenish. We know if we overwork our muscles we do damage not only to our muscle tissue but to the attainment of our long term goals. This, in some small way, teaches us to play the long game. It’s playing the long game which gets us our best results.  This is exactly the same with the brain. When we work the brain hard with continuous cognitive processing and output we are effectively working a muscle. However in menta

The Top 10 Ingredients for High Performance

At Five Rings Training I train athletes and business leaders in how to take their game to the next level. Within that work some of the most rewarding journeys have been those which involved taking beginner sportsmen and women to national and world championship wins, and individuals with a dream to become successful start-ups.  High Performance is available for everyone, it is not an elite option available to a chosen few. Anyone in any chosen part of their life can decide at any time to increase their performance and capabilities and with the correct guidance and mindset the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Here are my Top 10 Ingredients to lifting yourself, your life and your capabilities to get your started: 1) Positive Feeding You simply can't expect any part of you: mind body energy or spirit to be in a good state or function well if you're not going to provide your system with positive food. By that I don't just mean nutritional or healthy, I mea

Bridging the Gap between Body and Mind

We are all athletes, with the ability to excel in our lives, in sport, work, living and fulfilling our passions. Some of us are sportspeople competing professionally, some are athletes performing at high levels during their free time after work and others are operating at a high level across all areas of life simultaneously; family, businesses, personal goals and adventures. Whether you are a team or an individual wanting to raise your game, you want to engage in training and coaching which unifies your system in a balanced way, raising all life aspects simultaneously with the knowledge to sustain. As with all our coaching it’s about putting the knowledge, skills, awareness and power into your hands. Athlete training at Five Rings Training encompasses a fully unified programme of lifestyle, mental habits and beliefs, competitive training psychology, nutrition, time management, sleep coaching, whole body wellbeing, physical and energetic advancement as well as strengthening the